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Are you looking for a chance to start a new career or change your job?

Start on your path to a new career as a Driving Instructor with Driving Instructor Training Zone. Let us get you on the fast-track to a new career: Sign up for our driving knowledge course and we will provide you with everything you need to take your first step towards becoming a driving instructor. Our easy step by step approach will allow you to learn at your own pace. You will be surprised by how much you already know and how quickly you will develop your knowledge into being an expert, enabling you to fly through the ADI Part 1 Test.

Once you are qualified as a Driving Instructor you can earn up to £35K a year, be your own boss, work as and when it suits you and gain satisfaction from helping people, young and old, to gain the freedom they get from holding a driving licence.

Driving Instructor Training Zone offers you the opportunity to begin working toward a key qualification to become a Driving Instructor (Approved Driving Instructor - ADI).This could open doors to that satisfying and rewarding first - or second careerStill undecided

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Our online driving instructor training course offers you a chance to find out simply, easily and at an affordable cost. At your own pace, in your own time, with full support; and at the low cost of just £149, you can study for Part 1 (theory). If you pass, you can then decide whether or not to commit to Part 2 and Part 3 and begin your career as a driving instructor.

Although you are required to register with the DVSA and have a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check to apply for the tests, with us, you can immediately begin driving instructor training. You won’t need to register with the DVSA until you have completed the Part 1 course and decided you are ready to take the test. You may decide you do not wish to go ahead and become a driving instructor in which case you’ll have made no commitment to any great financial outlay and what you've learned will stand you in good stead as a driver in any case.

If, after completing the Part 1 Driving Instructor Training Course with us, you feel that this is a career you want to pursue, you will have full access to our UK wide network of Instructor Training Officers and a "pay as you go" arrangement for Part 2 and Part 3 of the training.

This is a simple, incremental, low cost approach to capitalising on the new opportunity offered by one of the most rewarding driving jobs around: one which involves interaction with people and very measurable results.

Take our free tour to check out how straight forward the training will be.

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What Our Members Are Saying

Thank you DITO - I passed my Part 1 first time of trying! I know I've a way to go yet but am now feeling very confident. I am into my Part 2 training with Stuart, thanks to you...

Gemma Cornwell, Nottingham

FAQ: Who are these courses for?

The way that our course is designed means that it will suit anyone wanting to embark on becoming a Driving Instructor or simply wanting to improve their driving knowledge. For those of you thinking of becoming a Driving Instructor, our ‘pay as you go’ model means that you can accomplish Part 1 before deciding whether you want to take the next steps. You can then choose whether to make the investment in undertaking Parts 2 and 3 to achieve your full, Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) qualification.

FAQ: How much do the courses cost?                                        

Driving Instructor Training Online has invested heavily in technology to keep costs low for those looking to become a driving instructor by making it possible to charge an extremely affordable course price for Part 1 of only £149.

Should you decide to continue with your driving instructor training, we will put you in contact with a local, highly qualified, independent Training Officer who will take you through your Part 2 and Part 3 training on a ‘Pay as you Go’ basis. As a guide, practical, in-car training sessions are usually charged at approximately £50 each, all sessions being for 2 hours at a time; we would advise around five sessions for Part 2 and it is a DVSA requirement that you undertake a minimum of ten hours of in-car training before you are eligible to take your Part 3 test, in addition to home-study. Your Training Officer will talk you through the courses and pricing before you sign up for any further training to become a driving instructor.

The key benefit of the ‘Pay as you Go’ method is that you only pay for the training sessions you need, meaning that you are in control of the cost of your driving instructor training course.

FAQ: Will drivinginstructortrainingonline.co.uk help me pass?

The on-line service we provide includes everything you need to prepare for the Part 1 test and starting down your path to becoming a driving instructor. You will not need to fish around for resources, books and videos and we have a dedicated team of driving instructor trainers ready to answer your questions should there be anything you are unsure of.

Once you are regularly passing our online Mock Tests, which you can attempt as many times as you wish, you are ready to have a go at the DVSA's ADI Part 1 test.

Once you have passed Part 1, if you choose to continue your driving instructor training with us, we will refer you to a Training Officer local to you who will talk you through the Part 2 and Part 3 requirements and agree a 'Pay as You Go' rate for the rest of your practical training.

Once you are signed up, your will have access to our on-line Part 2 and Part 3 training resources including driving demonstrations and the theory side of the Part 3 course.


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